Tugs and Barges


Tugs and Barges

Tugs and barges are the workhorses of the offshore and marine world. They are used for berthing/unberthing assistance and in transporting all types of cargo.

Working with our carefully selected and trusted partners, DHRUVA LOGISTICS has access to a versatile fleet of tugs and barges of various sizes to serve your different requirements.

Tow tugs are well suited for a variety of tasks ranging from general towage and barge handling in support of dredging operations to serving as monitoring or guard vessels. Tugs can be deployed to assist with berthing and towing third party equipment.

Barges are equally versatile. We use barges that are approved for ballasting and have the deck strength required for heavy lift Ro-Ro operations. Barge transportation can be also be used to carry coated pipes, jackets, topsides and other materials for offshore construction, as well as for lighterage and general cargo.

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